We started Mr. Lee's CBD to help people, we know it sounds a little cliche but its true.

After being in the vape industry for 5+ years we caught wind of a new product intended to help people with many different ailments. So our journey to creating the best CBD products with the best customer service began! The CBD products we create for you are made with the highest quality full spectrum CBD oil on the market. We do get our CBD from a company in Texas then all products are created right here in Indianapolis!


The company is named after one of our favorite customers from our vape shop who is also a person who benefits tremendously from using CBD. Richard Lee "Mr.Lee" Is a retired Army vet and says "I thank God after all I did in the service I'm still here,I was on alot of pain meds for years. CBD has done alot for me and my life." He was one of our big inspirations for starting the company


My father was diagnosed with Melanoma in 2009 and later the cancer took his life as well. During the countless surgeries,scans and treatments I did my own research to see what I could find to help. CBD came up in almost every search I did so I delved farther into this and eventually decide to take on the task of making CBD Products.